Nitriding of large gear components

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It is the pinnacle of heat treatment: the nitration of large gear components, which are used, for example, in the production of energy by means of wind power plants. Especially the wear resistance, coupled with the requirement that only certain areas of the component may be nitrated, are major challenges.

    Even if gas nitriding is possible under certain requirements, PLASNIT® plasma nitriding is the preferred process due to various advantages:

    • Mechanical masking is possible and eliminates complex covering using pastes, which in turn contaminates the systems
    • No ammonia is needed, which makes the process one of the most environmentally friendly processes ever
    • The absence of ammonia also means that no open flames are necessary within the production, no toxic gases are used, and no complex safety technology has to be installed


    Due to the size of the components – they often measure up to 3 m – manufacturers or heat treaters often reach their limits. But here, too, RUBIG offers customer-specific systems that enable the nitration of particularly large components.

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