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Laser deposition welding, laser hardening and 3D laser cutting: At RUBIG Technology and Laser Center, we offer all this and more! Discover the wide range of possibilities and benefit from our expert knowledge.

Is your component in need of higher hardness or increased wear protection at certain points? Then RUBIG laser deposition welding, also known as LMD (Laser Metal Deposition), is the solution for you.
This is an additive manufacturing method in which material is applied layer by layer to a base material. The advantage of LMD lies in its flexibility and versatility of application. It can be used, for example, for the repair of components or to improve complex components in small to medium quantities. An example from practice is the weld-on of worn chuck jaws. Compared to buying a new one, customers save 30-40 per cent in costs.


Laser hardening also results in cost savings. By selectively hardening edges on punching and bending tools, wear can be reduced. The advantage over induction hardening is the lower distortion. Individual requirements are realized with our 3D laser cutting. We process components up to 3 meters in length.