RUBIG Heat Treatment receives new certifications

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ISO 14001 and ISO 45001: Do you know which certifications are behind these numeric codes? At RUBIG, we give these standards a face, because since a four-day external audit in March, we have been certified as an "Environmental Management System" (ISO 14001) and an "Occupational Health and Safety System" (ISO 45001). We explain exactly what this means and what the advantages for RUBIG hardening technology and its customers are.

    Environmental management system ISO 14001

    When it comes to the environment, we think of clean water, green meadows and the careful use of resources. But there is much more to ISO 14001 certification. Environment includes all persons, companies and institutions that have an interest in RUBIG. This includes, for example, that RUBIG meets all commercial requirements and that we comply with the legal register.

    Thanks to this certification, customers have the certainty that RUBIG is intensively dealing with the consequences of its actions. The environmental management system helps to identify and minimize the environmental impact of business processes, as well as to ensure compliance with legal requirements.


    Advantages of ISO 14001:

    • What has always been a matter of course at RUBIG is now officially certified: through our efforts to conserve resources, we are using them more efficiently at the same time. Our consumption of energy, water, gas or other resources has been continuously reduced over the years. With the ISO certification, we are obliged to keep emergency plans ready in order to be able to react quickly in worst case scenarios. Possible environmental impacts are thereby reduced enormously.
    • Do you like unpleasant surprises? We don't! That is why RUBIG adheres to all relevant legal requirements. Due to our strict compliance we at RUBIG can ensure delivery performance, among other things.
    • Uniform image: Corporate goals and environmental goals are coordinated with each other.
    • Competitive advantage: More and more customers and stakeholders deem it important to produce more sustainably and specifically look for suppliers and partners who act in an environmentally conscious manner. A partnership with RUBIG Heat Treatment can therefore represent an important competitive advantage.


    Here you can find our ISO 14001 certificate


    Occupational health and Safety Management ISO 45001

    Do you know how to check a ladder for its safety? Or what protective equipment an employee who works with masking pastes or gases needs? Or how to write an accident survey report? All this is regulated in ISO 45001. The certification ensures a uniform form and sets standards for inspections.

    Regular inspections by the safety specialist, the occupational physician and the safety representatives ensure occupational safety. They check compliance with health protection documents/workplace evaluation, work substance evaluation and hazard analyses. If necessary, these will be re-evaluated. The goal is to avoid occupational diseases: this is what the ISO 45001 certificate stands for.


    Advantages of ISO 45001:

    • Increasing efficiency through occupational safety: Employees who are healthy and are not exposed to any hazards at the workplace work more efficiently and are more satisfied.
    • Preventive measures: Fewer accidents and illnesses reduce absenteeism.
    • Increased performance and productivity: Satisfied and motivated employees help to improve business processes and operational procedures. This can save time and costs.
    • Raising awareness: Occupational safety risks are brought into focus and thus brought to mind again and again.


    Here you can find our ISO 45001 certificate


    By implementing both certifications, companies can reduce their ecological footprint and increase their competitiveness. Because more and more customers deem sustainable service provision an important feature and demand appropriate measures from suppliers or providers.