Using synergy effects: PV systems from RUBIG for RUBIG

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The photovoltaic systems and innovative solutions from RUBIG Elektrokraft are in great demand. RUBIG Heat Treatment and Die Forge also received competent advice from the sister company and had PV modules including inverters installed this summer.

    Electricity for around 85 households
    A plant with 56 kWp already existed at the Heat Treatment site. kWp stands for Kilowatt peak and indicates the maximum power a photovoltaic system can provide. The hardening technology plant has been increased by 200 kWp and now has a maximum output of 256 kWp. This corresponds to an annual energy yield of 256,000 kWh. For comparison: an average two-person household consumes around 3,000 kWh of electrical energy per year. With the expanded system, RUBIG hardening technology would be able to supply approximately 85 households with nominal energy. In order for this additional energy to be produced, the RUBIG Elektrokraft experts installed 444 modules with 450 Wp each with two inverters.


    Over 100 megawatt hours saved
    We also produce our own electricity at the Die Forge site since June. A total of 270 kWp was installed on the roofs of plant 1 and plant 2. 600 modules with 3 inverters provide environmentally friendly solar energy there. With 270,000 kWh, RUBIG Die Forge could even supply 90 two-person households with nominal energy for a year. Norbert Schönhöfer, Head of Die Forge, is enthusiastic about the investment: "Since June, our PV system has already generated 100 megawatt hours of energy, on some days, if not all machines were in use, we were even able to completely cover our own electricity needs." Alexander Heitzinger, Managing Director of RUBIG Elektrokraft, is delighted with the completed projects: "The PV system boom is very beneficial for us. We are already at full capacity for the coming months.“


    Are you also thinking about installing a PV system? The photovoltaic experts from RUBIG Elektrokraft will be happy to help you. Go to the website.