Know-how from Wels in the aviation industry: RUBIG receives NADCAP certification

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RUBIG is an important service provider for the international aviation industry. Our know-how ensures that aircraft components withstand the stresses acting on them during operation and that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation worldwide. This is made possible by the highest quality standards. In December 2023, RUBIG received the Nadcap certification, which makes us even more attractive for manufacturers and suppliers of the aviation industry. In addition to plasma nitriding, we already have plans for the certification of further heat treatment processes in 2024.


    NADCAP Certification

    Nadcap is the abbreviation for ”National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program". “The certificate is a globally valid and recognized quality seal for companies in the aviation industry," explains Bernd Rübig, Head of RUBIG Heat Treatment and Managing Director of RUBIG Holding. "After more than a year of preparation, we were able to successfully have our plasma nitriding process certified at the end of 2023.“


    The decisive factor for the Nadcap certification was the cooperation with a long-standing customer. "We have been hardening turbine components for Rolls-Royce for years. In the course of the close cooperation, we decided to get certified in order to be able to be commissioned as a service provider in the future as well,“ says Rübig, who is particularly proud to be the only contract heat treatment company in Austria with Nadcap certification.


    The effort was worth it. With the approval, the company secures important competitive advantages in an industry that is currently booming more than ever. "Thanks to this certification, we are able to generate lucrative orders and offer our employees an exciting and safe working environment," says Harald Plöckinger, Managing Director of RUBIG Holding.