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RUBIG Heat Treatment

RUBIG Heat Treatment

The demands on modern products increase by the day, and with them the requirements for all construction materials. The required property profile of these materials is significantly determined by the relevant heat treatment processes. Since the 80s RUBIG Heat Treatment remains a renowned specialist for the heat treatment of steel and aluminum materials. We offer ultra-customized solutions through our extensive range of services, from expert materials consulting provided by our in-house materials laboratory to a broad spectrum of processes for any type of heat treatment challenge.

Heat Treatment

The term 'heat treatment' refers to a process during which metal work­pieces are heated and cooled within a certain time-temperature sequ­ence in order to achieve the desired material characteristics. Due to the alternation of the temper­ature, structural changes are achieved which affect the strength, tough­ness, tensile strength, mach­inability and st­ructural homog­eneity of the metal resulting in increased mat­erial characteristics. Plus, the life time of the component and thus the econ­omic efficiency are increased. This heat treatment process is required since the ma­terial (the alloy) meets the re­quir­ements for a technical usage but the character­istics re­quired for such usage are only ach­ieved with the correct heat treat­ment.  

If the component load is known, the correct heat treatment can be used to get the most from the material for the respective application. With this knowledge and with the knowledge of the material, the correct heat treat­ment (e.g. nitriding for increa­sing the wear resistance of steel) can be performed.  

The portfolio of heat treatment procedures offered by RUBIG ranges from annealing treatments such as stress relief heat treatments for welded constructions, to hardening in the vacuum or with inert gas up to edge-zone hardening by means of case hardening, nitriding (plasma nitriding or gas nitriding) or special procedures such as low pressure carburizing or High Carb (further developed carbonitriding pro­cedure).

Furthermore, RUBIG offers surface refinements in the form of hard coatings. The coating portfolio at RUBIG offers titanium based coats (gold LF PLASTIT (TiN), carbon LF PLASTIT (TiCN) and boron Nano­comp PLASTIT (TiBN)) and dia­mond­like coatings based on carbon (DLC Xtended® PLASTIT).

Regarding all of these heat treatment procedures, the focus is on achie­v­ing optimum characteristics for your component in order to en­sure a long lifetime.


If you are interested in our heat treatment plants, pl­ease click on the follo­wing link.

Our services

Case hardening - R.CARB+®

Pack hardening is the most traditional procedure of the thermochemical heat treatment procedures. In cooperation with the customer, processes can be optimised in terms of dimensional accuracy and closest tolerances. With the HighCarb procedure, your com­ponents can be exposed to higher tem­peratures during usage. learn more

Hard coating - PLASTIT®

In cooperation with our customers, we offer PACVD coating systems for max­imum wear and/or corrosion protec­tion of your workpieces. Special develop­ments in the field of a high level thick­ness (e.g. 30 µm), internal coatings and coatings of complex geometries repres­ent a part of our service portfolio. learn more

Vacuum hardening - R.VAC+®

RUBIG offers quenched and tempered processes specialised on your materials. They are optimised in terms of a low deformation and high lifetime of your workpieces. With the underpressure carburising or pressure nitriding pro­cesses in combination with helium quenching (HELIVAC®), the entire mat­erial potential can be used. learn more

Plasma Nitriding - PLASNIT®

The first choice for wear and dynami­cal­ly stressed components. RUBIG is a specialist for heat treat­ments from the automotive ind­ustry over medical engineering up to the aerospace in­dustry. learn more

Gas nitriding - R.NIT+®

Due to the close cooperation with our partners, gas nitriding offers a high wear protection and high corrosion resistance with a high load density. learn more

Aluminum heat treat­ment

Depending on your material, RUBIG aluminum offers an optimum relation between elastic limit, breaking elong­ation and tensile strength. The result are components with a low inherent stress and low deformation! learn more

RUBIG Competence Center

Client specific process development, upscaling and mass production according to your needs is one of the primary tasks of the RUBIG Competence Center. The quality control meeting automotive and aviation standards secures your quality requirements in heat treatment. Material examinations, damage analysis and expert reports along with seminars and training courses in heat treatment technologies complete our offering of services. More

laser, laser hardening, laser cutting


The RUBIG Laser Centre offers laser hardening and laser build-up welding. With laser hardening, the material is hardened locally to a maximum depth of 1.5 mm RHT. In laser build-up welding, wear-protection material of the same or a different type is applied. With both methods, wear protection on the component is only applied at the point where it’s required, not on the entire component. More


Our PVD (physical vapour deposition) coatings offer an incredibly wide range of applications, from classic wear-protection coatings for mechanical engineering and tool making, for example, to decorative applications such as door handles or sports equipment, and through to special coating systems such as MoS2 solid lubricant for surfaces. The coating temperature ranges from 80°C to 500°C and is therefore suitable for a wide range of materials. More

  • RUBIG heat treatment and coating processes ensure maximum precision, extremely tight tolerances and highest surface qualities – essential characteristics in drive technology.

  • Today’s hydraulic and pneumatic components require minimal friction values and outstanding corrosion resistance. With our innovative heat treatment and coating technologies RUBIG offers tailor-made solutions that are environmentally friendly.

  • RUBIG Heat Treatment offers a variety of hardening and coating processes which are designed to meet the precision and different load requirements of high-intensity drive technology for wind power plants.

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