Gas Nitriding System - GASCON K2


More than 20 years of experience have gone into RÜBIG’s gas nitriding systems. Individual designs make it possible to integrate them optimally on site – whether at a family bu­sin­ess, at a serial production fa­cility for automotive or aerospace com­ponents, or directly at an OEM. Therefore, GASCON K2 stands for highly efficient and advanced gas nitriding.

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The Gas Nitriding System


Flexible plant systems, perfect for in-house sourcing and upgrades in the future.

Industry 4.0

Individually developed automation solutions, integrated in your production.

Efficient Operation

Remote maintenance and online diagnostics increase your efficiency.


Customer-specific systems solutions as far as special system manufacture.


Usage of Inconel prolongs lifetime of retort.

R.NIT+® and GASOX®

Short Process Chain

Minimisation of hard finishing through minimal distortion.


Reliability due to reproducible processes.


Other tribology and corrosion critical applications are possible using the GASOX® process.


Optional Kn control allows optimal reproducibility.

Furnace Designs and Sizes

Bell Type Sizes

Useful diameterUseful height
650 mmx1.200 mm
1.100 mmx1.800 mm
1.500 mmx2.100 mm
1.500 mmx2.400 mm



Horizontal Type Sizes

Useful widthUseful heightUseful depth
500 mmx500 mmx600 mm
600 mmx600 mmx900 mm
900 mmx900 mmx1.200 mm
900 mmx900 mmx1.800 mm

Pit Type Sizes

Useful diameterUseful depth
800 mmx1.500 mm
1.000 mmx2.000 mm
1.200 mmx2.500 mm
1.200 mmx3.000 mm
1.500 mmx3.000 mm

DUO-design: All bell type systems can be executed as DUO-version, which allows unmanned operation over nights or over weekends.

RÜBIG After-Sales

RÜBIG also supports its partners and customers during the operating time of the system. Our standard repert­oire includes fastest possible spare parts service and online re­mote maintenance.

RÜBIG also provides after-sales maintenance packages according to your individual requirements:


The standard inspection.

BASIC package

Inspection and wear part replacement.

ADVANCED package

Your comprehensive care-free package.

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