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Plasma Nitriding System - MICROPULS® Everest

Top of Nitriding


RUBIG’s plasma nitriding system offers our partners the optimum in nitriding technology. We cover industries such as automotive and job-shop heat treatment right up to aerospace and wind energy.  Con­tinuous advancements make the RUBIG plasma nitriding system the ideal solution for premium applicat­ions. MICROPULS® Everest also helps you to maximize your profit by redesigning your heat treatment strategy.

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Our premium plasma system now includes:

  • Increased degree of filling as a result of advanced processes
  • Blast chiller for shorter processes, allowing for cooling to opening temperatures of 60°C
  • Internal fan for homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Optional internal anode
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Three heating and cooling zones
  • Temperature measured directly at the component
  • SIR concept ensures cost savings of up to 20%

The Plasma Nit­riding System


Flexible systems, perfect for in-house sourcing and future upgrades.

Industry 4.0

Customer-specific automation solutions, integrated into your production flow.


Increased degree of filling for cost-effective plasma nitriding.

Temperature Control

Three heating and cooling zones, and temperatures are measured directly at the component.

Efficient Operation

Remote maintenance and online diagnostics for increased efficiency.

MICROPULS® Technology

Perfect process control using powerful plasma generators.

SIR Concept

Improved surfaces plus cost savings of up to 20%.

Tailored Solutions

Customer-specific system solutions, including special equipment manufacture.


MICROPULS® Everest helps RUBIG partners realize PLASNIT® and PLASOX® processes.

Longer service life

Lower distortion levels and increased strength.

Short process chain

Minimizes hard fine machining and mechanical covering.


Reproducible processes for increased reliability.


Variable layer structure, also for complex geometries.


PLASOX® process allows for additional tribology- and corrosion-critical applications.

Environmental compatibility

No use of toxic gases.

Surface Improve­ment by RUBIG

The RUBIG SIR program marks the development of equipment and processes to ensure optimal increased performance for the surface of tools and components made from steel materials, while respecting the environment!

SIR allows a reduction in fine hard machining, offers production in­tegration, partial nitriding and pro­cess combinations, and it ensures a prolonged service life. SIR ensures lowest emissions, minimal gas con­sumption and extended product lives. Cost savings of around 20% are realized by eliminating the need for hard fine machining.

The MICROPULS® Everest system allows optimum utilization of the RUBIG SIR program.


Download our SIR folder



You would like to address your customers’ needs even faster with RUBIG plasma technology?


Using our OPTIMUS production program, RUBIG customers can now react even earlier and more flexibly to changing market conditions! With the OPTIMUS program our cust­omers and partners benefit from rapid startup times and a com­petitive advantage in both quality and and time.


Ask our team about RUBIG OPTIMUS: (+43-7242-29383-0) or at optimus[at]rubig[dot]com.


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Standard systems and their sizes

EV 40/60400 mm600 mm
EV 70/120700 mm1.200 mm
EV 100/1801.000 mm1.800 mm
EV 150/2101.500 mm2.100 mm
EV 150/2401.500 mm2.400 mm
EV 150/2701.500 mm2.700 mm


All the systems are available in SINGLE, DUO or TANDEM design.