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PVD Coating System - MICROPULS® Lotus


What do lotus flowers and the new RUBIG PVD system have in common?


Lotus flowers have special surface properties that protect them from external influences. With PVD technology, similar protective and enhancing surface qualities are produced.

The MICROPULS® Lotus PVD Coating System was developed and built in collaboration with RUBIG Technology and RUBIG Industrial Furnaces in order to be able to offer our customers an innovative complete package.


Are you interested in our MICROPULS® Lotus systems?

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Large selection

Extremely versatile coating designs and system features in a compact design.

Coating systems

Metallising with chrome, titanium, aluminium etc.

TiN, TiCN, CrN, CrCN, CrAIN, TiAIN, AITiN and others on request.

Everything from one provider

RUBIG customers benefit from our more than 35 years’ experience in contract work and 10 years’ experience in PVD coatings, combined with our 30 years of engineering expertise.

PVD – the thin-film technology

PVD (physical vapour deposition) refers to a coating technology that produces hard, metal-based layers using metal vapour. This vapour can react with gases and forms a thin layer offering improved wear protection on components. In addition, it is possible to create surfaces which offer improved corrosion behaviour and electrical properties as well as decorative and visual properties. As the coating temperature covers a wide range of room temperatures up to 500°C, it is possible to treat metals, ceramics, glass and plastics.

The PVD coating systems



Perfect surfaces

Magnetron sputtering installations produce perfectly smooth layers and uniform layer structures. Droplets are a thing of the past.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to CVD or PACVD technologies, no emissions (e.g. chloride) are released.


Optimal processes are made possible by powerful RUBIG high-tech plasma generators.

Process control and regulation

The process parameters are individually adjustable

Usable substrates

Metals and plastics as well as fleece, fabrics and filter materials.

State-of-the-art system technology

Very compact chamber design as well as upgrades through technology packages such as plasma monitoring.

Standard system sizes

Usable diameterUsable height
500 mm600 mm


The MICROPULS® Lotus System can be customised to your exact requirements and various upgrade packages are available.


Contact: Industrial Furnaces Contact Person