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RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces

Our Indus­trial Fur­naces Divi­sion

RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces produces tailor-made heat treatment furnaces and systems. MICROPULS® Technology from RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces is THE premium plasma technology in the heat treatment sector. RÜBIG part­ners from across the globe have confidence in our plasma nitriding technology. Our customers benefit from over 20 years of technological leadership in the field of customized thermal treatment systems for a variety of sectors, from job-shop heat treatment operations to inhouse manufacturing.


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Cost reduction through development of the RÜBIG process and system technology

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MICROPULS® Technology

MICROPULS® technology from RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces stands for successful and innovative heat treatment solutions in plasma nitriding and plasma coating – driven by powerful MICROPULS® generators.


The Plasma Nitriding System

With the Micropuls Everest sy­stem RÜBIG customers get the best in nitriding technology.

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The Coating System

The RÜBIG coating system provides hard coatings for the premium segment.

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MICROPULS® Diamond Xtended

The DLC Coating System

Innovative DLC layers made by RÜBIG bring that all-important extra value to the coating sector.

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  • From small to large series production, MICROPULS® technology is a must have for many automobile manufacturers. RÜBIG plasma nitriding systems ensure maximum precision, extremely tight tolerances and highest surface qualities – essential in industrial furnaces.

  • Highest precision and complex geometries characterize typical applications in the aerospace industry. Difficult materials and the need for smallest temperature differences place great demands on plasma nitriding systems. This is what RÜBIG plasma nitriding systems are made for.

  • Behind every wind power plant there is high-intensity drive technology. RÜBIG plasma nitriding technology ensures that drive components are designed for high-precision requirements and different load conditions.

  • RÜBIG MICROPULS technology helps to master high surface hardness as well as optimum wear and corrosion resistance as key requirements for the onshore and offshore industry.

GASCON Technology

RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces GASCON technology stands for highly effi­cient and advanced gas nitriding. Constructed in a modular way and adapted according to customer needs, these systems convince with their excellent durability and the possibility to control processes by means of nitriding potential.


Gas nitriding system

Discover new highs and previ­ously unknown areas with the new GASCON K2.

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ppa. DI Thomas Müller MSc

COO RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces

Sabine Kreuzmayr M.A.

Head of Sales

RÜBIG Anlagentechnik, Systems Engineering, Bauer Thomas

Ing. Thomas Bauer

General Manager RUBIG CN

DI Andreas Gebeshuber

Head of Project and Product Management

Werner Fischer

Head of After Sales

Ing. Gerhard Hattinger

Head of product realization

Christoph Rübig

Head of department materials management, purchase, stock, work preparation production and installation