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MICROPULS® Procoat is the opti­mum system solution in the area of hard coatings. From mold making and job-shop coating to component coating – the MICROPULS® Procoat system provides the most advant­ageous solution in the industrial value chain.

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DUPLEX Processes

Our all-in-one solution ensures lower unit costs.

Wide choice of processes

We offer a great variety in PLASTIT® processes to meet your require­ments.


Flexible systems, perfect for in-house sourcing and future upgrades.

Environmental compatibility

Chromium (VI) replacement for an improved eco-balance.

Industry 4.0

Customer-specific automation solutions, integrated into your production flow.


Three heating and cooling zones, and temperatures are measured directly at the component.

Efficient operation

Remote maintenance and online diagnostics for increased efficiency.

MICROPULS® Technology

Perfect process control using powerful plasma generators.


MICROPULS® Procoat helps RÜBIG partners realize the PLASTIT® process.


Wide application range for multilayer, gradient or nanocomposite coatings.

Reduced Temperatures

Lower distortion levels at lower treatment temperatures.

Industry solutions

From die-cast aluminum and plastic injection molding to food processing.

Wide range of applications

Large and complex parts are coated evenly.


Variable layer structure, also for complex parts.


No use of toxic gases.

Standard systems and sizes

PC 40/60400 mm600 mm
PC 70/90700 mm900 mm
PC 100/1501.000 mm1.500 mm
PC 150/1801.500 mm1.800 mm
PC 150/2101.500 mm2.100 mm


All the systems are available in SINGLE, DUO or TANDEM design.

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