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RUBIG NitroPep

Coating technology for combatting viruses and bacteria

Science and technology have significantly improved our quality of life and increased life expectancy in recent decades. With appropriate research in biology and medicine, we are now able to identify, kill and take preventative measures against pathogens – especially viruses and bacteria - the keyword being immunisation.

Despite high standards in healthcare and sophisticated hygiene concepts, we have to admit that the fight against viruses and bacteria is far from won, and that we will always have to face new challenges, such as the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Droplet-, smear- and nosocomial infections are among the diseases most frequently transmitted. Preventative action has become a focus for science and for industry worldwide, and indicates the direction of research for the future. Technological advances are becoming the key element in this struggle.

The focus is thus expanding from the immediate search for new tactics in the fight against viruses and bacteria, to the development of alternative strategies and overall concepts, which protect resources for the long term and take into account economic aspects. Surface treatments of metals and plastics, in particular coatings, play a key role here.



RUBIG can help you break the chain of infection – with our coatings service or by developing a process tailored to your needs, together with the corresponding onsite coatings equipment.

RUBIG NitroPep is a coating permitted in the EU under biocidal law, which eradicates pathogens efficiently on contaminated surfaces. The process is carried out at room temperature, which means that it can be used for a wide range of materials, e.g. metal or plastics.


Door handles and grab handlesToilet seatsHandrailsScreen covers
Sanitary fittingsButtonsBucklesHand dryers
Bottle openersHeadphonesGrip protection for shopping trolleysand much more.


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The close relationship between science and industry

With a team of dedicated researchers, the University of Birmingham has developed and patented NitroPep, a non-toxic, antibacterial coating that protects against infections quickly and over the long term.

The key advantage of this coating is that pathogens are destroyed and, subsequently it is also effective against antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. The risk of disease caused by multi-resistant staphylococci, E. coli, salmonella, fungal or other nosocomial infections is thus drastically reduced. This coating can be used on a wide variety of materials. It is therefore particularly suitable for surfaces that are handled regularly, such as door or grab handles.

Breaking the chain

RUBIG NitroPep is a coating specially developed for metals and plastics, which has the capability to include disinfectant and antimicrobial agents such as chlorhexidine. It is only the combination of RUBIG plasma technology and Nitropep that enables resilient, long-term bonding of the layer to the substrate and its effective application.

The coating prevents both single and mixed populations of microorganisms from settling on surfaces in biofilms. There can be no recontamination of the surface and, to stay with the above example, the door handle is thus omitted as a key interface in the infection chain.

(Nitro) Pep against coronavirus

At the University of Birmingham, the efficacy of chlorhexidine-coated surfaces against SARS-CoV-2 has been investigated and proven. Each of the coated surfaces covered with different concentrations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus quickly killed the virus.

On the non-coated control sample, on the other hand, the viruses were able to survive and outside laboratory conditions could have led to an infection. In line with the successful tests against viruses and bacteria, NitroPep already has active substance approval from the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) in the relevant product groups.

Scientifically tested

A study commissioned by the University of Birmingham tested the antimicrobial effectiveness on steel which had been treated with RUBIG NitroPep (chlorhexidine).

The tests were carried out with different types of steel and pathogens. The authors of the study chose specific reference types which are frequent causes of infectious diseases and are easily transmittable. In detail, the antibacterial activity of the test samples was determined using a simulated spray test with eMRSA 15, pseudomonas aeruginosa und Candida albicans, with an incubation time of 15 minutes at 20 +- 2°C.


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