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  • Maximum precision and complex geometries are  typical for applications in the aviation industry.


    A world made for RÜBIG plasma nitriding technology.

  • Plasma nitriding technology plays a central role in one of the toughest environments - the human body.


    A world made for RÜBIG plasma nitriding.

  • From rough to finished series part forgings - economical and flexible.  

    RÜBIG Die Forge is your competent partner for innovative manufacturing solutions.

  • Heat Treatment, Industrial Furnaces, Die Forge and Material analysis


    represent RÜBIG's core competencies.

Important information for our customers and business partners!


Dear customers and business partners,


the RUBIG Group continues operations in all business units and keeps providing you with their products and services. Considering the current situation and still protect your interests, we will make some changes in the organization of our day-to-day business. This will affect the Austrian based business units RUBIG Industrial Furnaces and RUBIG Heat Treatment.


RUBIG Heat Treatment


The opening hours of the goods receiving department of RUBIG Heat Treatment will be changed temporarily as follows starting from April 06, 2020:


Opening hours goods receiving department
Monday - Thursday: 7 am – 4 pm
Friday:7 am – 2:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday:closed


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at!


RUBIG Industrial Furnaces and RUBIG Die Forge


No changes will be made in the opening hours at RUBIG Industrial Furnaces and RUBIG Die Forge. You can contact us during the usual opening hours or at[at]rubig[dot]com (Industrial Furnaces) and[at]rubig[dot]com (Die Forge)!


We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best and health for the coming weeks!

Plasma nitriding technology - sustainable and environmentally friendly

Sustainability and environmental awareness have been written in capital letters at RUBIG for decades and the company thus has the technological leadership of the "Zero Emission" plasma technology. The technology was developed at RUBIG Heat Treatment and RUBIG Industrial Furnaces. It is applicable...

RÜBIG PLAPOL - a longer life for your components

The "PLAPOL" process is a "coating" or diffusion process that increases the surface hardness of various steels such as cold work or tool steels. It is generally suitable for steels having a tempering temperature higher than 400 °C (e.g. 1.2343, 1.2311, 1.2316 or 1.2083).

Plasma instead of chrome - the environmentally friendly alternative

For many years chrome plating has been the solution for certain requirements on surfaces, such as hardness and corrosion resistance. As requirements are getting more and are harder to be met, the environmental impact gains importance too.

RUBIG is putting one of the largest nitriding furnaces into operation!

It is a MICROPULS® Everest plasma nitriding furnace - the specialty of RUBIG Industrial Furnace. One of the charging floors, to be seen on the picture on the right, is designed for components of a height of up to 3m. The second floor, the left one, even measures a usable height of 6m. Particularly...


RUBIG Seminar

Module 1: Heat Treatment Technology BASICS (GERMAN COURSE)

RUBIG Seminar

Module 1: Heat Treatment Technology ADVANCED (GERMAN COURSE)

Czech Republic

Aviation Forum


RÜBIG Training

Module 1: Heat Treatment Technology BASICS (This is a GERMAN COURSE)

14.09.2020 - 16.09.2020
Fachhochschule OÖ, Campus Wels - Stelzhamerstraße 23, 4600 Wels

Module 2: Heat Treatment Technology ADVANCED (This is a GERMAN COURSE)

17.09.2020 - 18.09.2020
Fachhochschule OÖ, Campus Wels - Stelzhamerstraße 23, 4600 Wels

The RÜBIG Groupe


Since the foundation of RÜBIG in 1946, the company has grown from a small drop forging company to a center of ex­­cellence for metal processing. The unique synergy potential resulting from the close co­operation between RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces, Heat Treatment and Die Forge adds particular value for our customers.



RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces

MICROPULS ® technology from RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces is THE premium plasma technology in the heat treatment sector. Our customers benefit from over 20 years of development experience in the field of customized thermal treatment systems for a variety of sectors, from job-shop heat treatment operations to inhouse manufacturing.

RÜBIG Die Forge

Besides our standard products, such as safety linchpins, flat link chains and fishing accessories, RÜBIG Die Forge also manufactures forgings according to customer specifications and, if needed, as machined, surface-refined or ready to be mounted assembly parts.

RÜBIG Heat Treatment

With over 20 years experience, RÜBIG Heat Treatment remains a renowned specialist for the heat treatment of steel and aluminum materials. We offer ultra-customized solutions through our extensive range of services, from expert materials consulting provided by our in-house materials laboratory to a broad spectrum of processes for any type of heat treatment challenge.