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We have been dealing with steel for 70 years. Our enormous wealth of experience gained from practical drop forging applications, hardening treatments and plant engineering is a valuable basis for our knowledge in metallurgy, material testing and a general understanding of metallic components.

Heat treatment is a key technology over the entire operational lifespan of a component. Material production, material selection, component planning, design as well as manufacturing and end-use application are important factors. But they ensure smooth operation only in combination with the correct heat treatment. Our know-how and our practical experience make us a centre of excellence for metallic materials.

The material testing according to automotive and aviation standards ensures the fulfilment of your quality requirements for heat treatment. Materials analysis, the optimisation and development of components, damage analysis, expert reports, as well as seminars and courses in the field of heat treatment technology complete our services.


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Our services at a glance

Research & development

We provide our profound expertise in order to optimise or develop your components. We support you in finding the combinations of material, manufacturing and heat treatment that are suitable and practicable for your tasks and for a given stress situation. more information

Materials analysis

Determination of material type, manufacturing process and heat treatment in the case of unknown components, quality checks of components with set target values (conformity tests), metallurgic and roentgenographic assessments of components with a view to their intended use and their behaviour in a stress case, failure analysis for cause determination, error prevention and component optimisation. more information

Hardness testing

Hardness testing of metallic components and workpieces, hardness profile measurements, etc. as well as hardness testing of thin hard material layers by means of the instrumented penetration method or hardness testing on weld seams. more information

Structural assessments

Qualitative and quantitative structural characterisation as a crucial means of assessing the basic material properties and of assessing the heat treatment condition. more information

Determination of the residual austenite

Roentgenographic determination of the residual austenite proportion as a quality assessment for implemented heat treatment or as a conformity test as to whether a specified residual austenite threshold value was complied with. more information

Residual stress measurements

Roentgenographic measurement of residual stresses or residual stress profiles in component surface areas in order to receive crucial knowledge regarding strength and long life fatigue strength or regarding influences from mechanical or spark erosion manufacturing. more information

Sample Preparation

Determination of the chemical composition of unknown metallic materials or in the event of suspected material mix-up, for entry control to ensure material delivery quality or to restrict the origin of foreign particles, etc. more information

Corrosion testing

Assessment of corrosion damage, determination of corrosion causes, derivation of suitable and practicable prevention measures, performance of corrosion tests to determine the corrosion resistance of components. more information

Failure analysis

Identifying damage mechanisms, determining damage causes and deriving necessary and practicable measures for damage prevention. more information

Seminars & training courses

Theory and practical experience from the field of heat treatment are imparted; the seminars are aimed particularly at designers, manufacturers and planning engineers who do not yet have any knowledge of this special manufacturing technology or who want to expand their existing knowledge. more information


DI Volker Strobl MSc

Head of R&D / RCC

DI Norbert Pirzl

Head of material analysis / RCC

Christian Rucker

QA - Final inspection / RCC

Matthias Krawinkler MSc

Project Leader / RCC

Gerald Lehner

Material Analysis / RCC

Jürgen Lehner

Material Analysis / RCC