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Machining Technology

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You have clear ideas about how the required components should look and be constructed. You expect precision, excellent material properties and product durability. RUBIG provides you with everything from a single source. For every from forged parts to ready-to-install components, including machined, surface-treated and (if required) assembled parts – RUBIG is your competent partner. You can also count on our experienced and creative staff when it comes to developing and testing your components.

Complete solutions from a single source

In the machining of metal, multifunctional turning-drilling-milling centres are used to manufacture complex components. We offer turning, drilling, milling, cutting and grinding and automatic workpiece measurement services.


Flexible and efficient: Technologies that suit your requirements.

The interpolation of up to 5 axes makes it possible to machine any geometric shape efficiently and with maximum precision. This offers almost unlimited potential for workpiece complexity. The required clamping devices are designed and manufactured in-house at RUBIG, allowing us to tailor devices and machining strategies to the capabilities provided by our production machines right from the start.

Automatic turned parts for an assembly, which we weld together with a laser cutting, are produced just as carefully as the drilling and milling of the produced linchpins that are constantly manufactured in large-scale production.

Strategies for success

Even the most state-of-the-art machine equipment requires the knowledge and the experience of people to achieve the best results. At RUBIG, a highly motivated team of professionals uses advanced software to create all the necessary machining programs. Our test laboratory has every facility required for testing and documentation to help sustainably maintain our high standard of quality and ensure continuous improvements.

Quality is key

As a family business, RUBIG is committed to long-term planning and highly values sustainable business relationships. This requires a permanently high level of customer satisfaction. The impeccable quality of our products and flawlessly organized operational processes ensure that we continue to reach these goals. Customers know they can count on RUBIG’s reliability, innovation and consistent level of service - and many have been doing so for years.

Underlying our high standards is our certified quality assurance system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our range of services

  • CNC turning - chucking parts
    • up to ø 300 mm
    • distance between centres 1,000 mm
  • CNC - bar-fed turned parts     
    • up to ø 42 mm
    • magazine 1,000 mm
  • CNC milling      
    • up to 800 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm     
    • up to 5 axes     
    • up to 120 tools
  • Flat grinding, vibratory finishing, etc.