Safety and trouble-free use in the field!

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Vacation time - not for your machines!

Especially now in the summer, when many people go on vacation, their machines are also on the move. Fortunately there are neither traffic jams nor block clearances on the fields, but accidents can also happen here!

    Check your machines before use, repairs can be done much faster on the farm than on the field.

    Also, do not make lazy compromises with the use of nails, screws, bent or too small linchpins. Only with the right size and quality you have protection against loss, accidents and consequential damage.

    In addition to the proven safety linchpins, RUBIG also offers a large range of tube linchpins, form clips, special linchpins for safety trays - the exactly right plug for every application!

    Complete information and dimensions on the different types, sizes and prices can be found on our website ( ) or in our webshop ( ).