RUBIG Metal heat treatment on the rise

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The plane and metal. An unbeatable symbiosis. In the future, RUBIG will make its contribution to air traffic safety through a cooperation with Continental Motors. 

    The company, which has been in existence since 1905 and is based in Mobile, Alabama, is one of the leading companies in the aviation industry. Continental is gaining international recognition with its piston engines for general aviation. These have a reputation for being extremely reliable. In order to continue to meet the high quality requirements in this business in the future, extensive modernization steps in parts production were necessary.

    The outdated nitriding plants are the cause of high ammonia emissions, so that the company can no longer meet the requirements of modern aviation certificates. That's why Continental Motors decided to cooperate with the Austrian heat treatment specialists from RUBIG. A future-proof solution could be found with two so-called "EVEREST 100/180 Duo" plasma nitriding and annealing systems including a cleaning solution for the nitrided engine parts. Requirements such as complex and different charges for nitriding and annealing can now be met as well as the highest environmental standards. The classic difficulties, such as the high effort of coveing parts with pastes, are also a thing of the past due to plasma nitriding technology. Thanks to the highest quality standards, coupled with exciting features such as independent multi-heating and cooling zones, or the Micropulstechnologie®, RUBIG is now also contributing to the excellent reputation of this traditional company.

    RUBIG Industrial Furnaces is a leading international manufacturer of systems for plasma nitriding and coating as well as gas nitriding. With more than 200 customers in over 40 countries, the division is the global player of the RUBIG Group based in Wels. Constant technological advances in the field of plasma nitriding technology, as it is used in various industries from automotive to wind energy to aviation, have brought the company to the top of the international competition.