A new region with great potential for RUBIG: MAGHREB

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The Maghreb region is located in North Africa and consists of 5 countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania. RUBIG Die Forge pays special attention to the countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

    The increasing economic growth of these countries is based on agriculture, tourism and the automotive industry. Several automotive companies, such as Renault, Peugeot and VW have already or will settle in this area.

    In addition, this region is one of the most important exporters of agricultural products to Europe. The machines produced meet modern standards and offer a wide range of possible applications for RUBIG forgings, chains and Linchpins.



    RUBIG has already set the course to gain a foothold in this important market. In addition to the visits to the most important agricultural fairs such as SIAM in Morocco and SIPSA in Algeria, contacts were also made with potential customers, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturers and representatives in order to convince them of the high quality RUBIG offers.



    Further meetings with potential customers and trade fair visits to the region are planned in the future.