Nitriding in the injection molding industry

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The challenges for extruders and injection-molded components are enormous: The mechanical and corrosive stresses of the individual machine components are constantly increasing. Screws, spindles, shafts and the like are especially affected. The result is high maintenance costs and downtime of the machines.

    Nitration offers the perfect solution for this problem. It extends the wear resistance and thus the service life of components without negatively affecting the corrosion resistance. Depending on the application and requirements, either plasma or gas nitriding can be used. PLASNIT® Plasma nitriding is the more environmentally friendly and the safer process. (Details can be found in the attached collection of links!)


    Due to the size of the components – they measure up to 8 m in lenght – manufacturers or heat treaters often reach their limits. But here, too, RUBIG offers customer-specific solutions that enable the nitriding of particularly long components. Both in the Austrian subcontracting company and at the customer's premises worldwide.

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