Coatings to satisfy all technical requirements

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Do you know how many different parts there are in an aircraft? A Boeing 747 has around 6 million components. All of the components have to satisfy the most stringent safety standards, to prevent any accidents when the plane is in flight. Corrosion, premature distortion, material fatigue or similar are absolutely unthinkable. Special coatings can ensure that even the smallest components comply with the stringent safety standards. RUBIG is a specialist in coating technology. 

In addition to aviation, there are many other areas where RUBIG coatings are employed – food processing, wind power, safety engineering, engine components, musical instruments, or in the lifestyle sector for items such as jewellery or watches, to name but a few. The aim is always to impart a particular property or quality to the item. Our experts are happy to give advice and assistance to help you find the right coating solution.


“We are very happy to help you with your choice of coating and advise on the key issues regarding the base material, heat treatment and surface condition” – Ivan Grgić , B.Eng., Coatings Sales, RUBIG Heat Treatment.


Important facts to bear in mind:
It is not only metal that can be coated. Material-appropriate coatings can also be applied to ceramic, glass, plastic and textiles. The coating temperatures range from room temperature to 500°C. The latest development is a copper-based coating with antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Which approach do you prefer?
Parts with RUBIG coatings can last for the entire life of the product, and do not need to be replaced due to early signs of wear. In terms of sustainability, coated products are the clear favourite. For a relatively low outlay, a significant increase in performance can be achieved, resulting in lower consumption of resources due to the reduced need for replacements.


What coating do I need?
No two coatings are the same. Our customers have access to a wide range of coatings to enhance their products. The choice of coating depends on four basic factors: area of application or load condition, substrate, heat treatment condition and surface condition.

The following questions can be helpful when choosing the right coating:

  • How can good corrosion protection be achieved?
  • How can you make components temperature-resistant?
  • How can you make components dirt-repellent?
  • How do you prevent discolouration of the material?
  • How can you avoid scratches?
  • How do you enhance the appearance of a component?
  • How is a component given antimicrobial properties?
  • How can a component’s resistance to external influences be improved?
  • How can the component’s sliding properties be improved?
  • How can the repair and service costs be reduced?
  • How can components be protected from thermal stress?
  • How can a component be given explosion protection?


Example applications for coatings:
Coatings are used in almost every area of life. In the mobility sector and in transport, they increase the service life of products, and so help to save resources. In medical technology, coating systems ensure a high level of bio-compatibility and give the products other desirable properties, such as distortion and corrosion resistance while maintaining the same high levels of adhesion. And coatings are now an essential feature in the area of decorative finishes. Automotive interiors, shower fittings and golf clubs are only a few of the applications. In addition to colouration and a metallic appearance, good wear resistance is also a key criterion. There is also a wide spectrum of applications within the mechanical engineering sector – from the food processing industry through to toolmaking, RUBIG coatings guarantee you the optimal surface specifically suited to your application.


Customised industrial furnaces
We do not just offer enhancing for components. Customers can also get their own coating systems from our Industrial Furnaces business unit, where the system will be customised to meet their exact requirements. RUBIG customers benefit from our more than 20 years’ experience as technology leaders in the sector of customised heat treatment systems. Companies from virtually every industry trust in our expertise, from our contract hardening shop right through to our fully automated manufacturing operation.