Achieving success with your own initiative:
The success story of RUBIG (and) Elektrokraft

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RUBIG Elektrokraft has been a reliable partner for electrical installations for over ten years. This year, the company was at the “WeBuild” energy saving fair in Wels for the first time. We talked to Alexander Heitzinger, Managing Director of RUBIG Elektrokraft, about the impressions, the development of Elektrokraft and the future plans.

    Mr. Heitzinger, what summary do you draw from your first visit to the “WeBuild”?
    We are very satisfied with the visit to the fair. The placement of our stand between Fronius and Huawei was perfect and could not have been better. The quality and the number of conversations were also very good. People were almost queuing up to get advice from us. All in all, a great start! We will definitely be taking part in it again next year.

    In 2013, you realized the dream of self-understanding and founded Elektrokraft. Has this always been your goal?
    I started my professional life with a classic apprenticeship in electrical installation technology. I enjoyed the work from the very beginning. I was lucky to work with good colleagues and a good boss, thanks to whom I was able to take on responsibility very quickly. My first experiences have underlined my career choice and I graduated a master craftsperson exam. After that, I reached my professional limits in my training company. I took the initiative and founded Elektrokraft GmbH.

    How did the close cooperation with RUBIG come about?
    The RUBIG company was already well known to me from my apprenticeship, which is why close cooperation had been around from the very beginning. Shortly after the foundation, the opportunity arose to take over the electrical planning and infrastructure for RUBIG Slovakia. Elektrokraft expertise was also in demand for the new forging technology hall, as well as for the construction of the plant in Pilsting / Germany. After all, RUBIG's capacity utilization was around 80 percent in 2018, which is why the strategic decision was made to integrate Elektrokraft into RUBIG GmbH & Co KG. This step was implemented in February 2018.

    So RUBIG is a customer from the very first hour. Was this also reflected in the range of services?
    Yes, definitely. When designing our services, it was important to us that for all divisions of To be a partner who can cover all needs - These include electrical installations, energy management systems, control cabinet construction and, of course, photovoltaic installations as an environmentally friendly energy source.

    This is now six years ago. What has happened in the meantime?
    Since then, our focus has been even more on growth. With our services we are broadly positioned and show presence on the market. a new marketing presence followed in 2020 and we have added photovoltaic systems to the product portfolio. Our workforce has also grown significantly. At first there were only six of us, but today we are 21 people in the Elektrokraft team.

    What are your plans for the future?
    Since we have grown a lot in recent years, our current location is bursting at the seams. Our goal is therefore to move to a new location. There are already plans for a new building in Wels. And: Our vision is to contribute to the energy transition with our services!