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One laser - many applications

As a central element, the laser provides almost unlimited possibilities under the motto “4 lenses and 4 technologies”. Technologies and processes, such as laser deposition welding, laser hardening, laser cutting, or laser welding (without filler material) are offered on a contract basis to customers, but can be custom-developed for special requirements also. The primary focus is on tool wear protection for specific steels and/or components. This allows the properties to be provided on a targeted, and particularly localised, basis to meet the requirements of the specific component in question.

The maximum 2D working area is 2,000 mm x 1,200 mm, the maximum 3D working area is 1,400 mm x 700 mm x 400 mm. Larger components can be handled on request.

Laser deposition welding with Laser Metal Deposition

In detail:

  • large selection of powders
    • Steel / corrosion-resistant steels / aluminium / titanium /
      Nickel / Cobalt / WC / SiC / etc.
    • round or broken grains -
    • grain size up to 150 µm
  • Low dilution with the base material
  • Substrate materials
    • Steel / corrosion-resistant steels / aluminium / titanium / nickel

Example applications:

  • Anti-wear coatings (e.g. SiC in aluminium matrix)
  • Corrosion protection coatings
  • functional surfaces
  • additive elements
  • Repair of worn parts (e.g. chuck jaws)

Application areas:

  • for tool and mould production
  • cutting and punching tools
  • forging dies
  • earthmoving parts
  • blades and shredder blades


 In detail:

  • localised, selective hardening of surfaces
  • Hardening depth (SHD - Surface Hardening Depth) up to 1.5 mm (higher depths on request)
  • no quenching medium
  • low distortion, very little to no rework
  • very flexible due to CNC control
  • Integral pyrometer (measures the temperature and controls the power to make sure sharp-edged transitions are not damaged)
  • for all steels and cast irons which can be hardened
  • Track width max. 30mm

 Example applications:

  • Machine components
  • Cutting and punching tools
  • Deep-drawing tools
  • Forming tools

3D laser-cutting

In detail:

  • Sheet thickness up to 5 mm
  • Steel / corrosion-resistant steels / aluminium / etc.

Example applications:

  • Deep-drawn parts (hole cutting and end flange forming)
  • Tubes / shaped tubes
  • Sheet welded assemblies

Laser welding

In detail:

  • Welding gas Ar / He
  • Spot diameter approx. 450 μm
  • technically zero gap required
  • targeted heat input → no heat-affected zone (HAZ), almost no distortion
  • Steel / corrosion-resistant steels / aluminium / etc.

Example applications:

  • Machine components
  • Sheet assemblies
  • and many more