Dlc -Diamond like Carbon

DLC is one of the RUBIG PLASTIT® coatings and it constitutes a carbon-based coating.

Diamond-like carbon coatings have become increasingly important due to their unique and outstanding properties in terms of wear, friction and corrosion reduction. Thanks to their low coefficient of friction, they have a wide range of applications in tribological components such as piston pins, trailing levers, bearings and pistons, which can be exposed to lubricant loss. They are also used in plastic injection molding technology or used for ejectors, sliders and components that cannot receive lubrication for production reasons.

DL coat PLASTIT® data sheet

Advantages of DL Coat Plastit®

Very low coefficient of friction

Very good non-stick properties

High elasticity

High corrosion resistance

Operating temperature up to 450°C

Good biocompatibility

Decorative coating in anthracite for an appealing look

Water and oil repellent

The low coating temperature of less than 200°C allows the coating of low tempered steels and aluminum.

Our DL coat PLASTIT® coating is used in automotive engineering, engine construction, pumps, seals, valves, in the textile industry and many other precision components where a good wear protection, lowest friction values and high surface quality are required.

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Carbon-based coating

Dlc Xtended®

DLC Xtended® is one of RUBIG's PLASTIT® coatings and constitutes a carbon-based coating.

With the DLC Xtended® process, RUBIG has developed a proven heat treatment even further. The basis for the coating system is an a-C:H:Si hard coating, i.e. an amorphous DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating doped with silicon and hydrogen. In combination with the RUBIG PACVD technology, a wide range of properties can be achieved.

The functional coating offers excellent wear protection for components made of steel materials, even under demanding conditions. It also ensures optimum corrosion resistance.

Thanks to the unique combination of MICROPULS® plasma nitriding and hard coating, surface hardnesses of up to 1,500 HV can be achieved.

Through specially developed process parameters, through-holes with a diameter in a length ratio of 1:15 can be coated (minimum diameter > 15 mm). For this development, RUBIG received the "Prix de l'Innovation" in France.

DLC Xtended® data sheet

Advantages of Dlc Xtended®

Minimal wear due to best tribological properties

Low friction coefficients ensure the best emergency running characteristics even without lubrication

Water- and oil-repellent surfaces guarantee easy cleaning

High chemical resistance

Electrically non-conductive

Especially the plastics processing industry, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, etc. rely on the RUBIG DLC Xtended® coating. 

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Our Dlc coating system


Diamond Xtended

With the MICROPULS® Diamond Xtended RUBIG supplies one of the most innovative system solutions in the field of DLC coating technology.